After more than 40 years of providing memorable experiences for local, national and international visitors, The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort ceased operations on August 15, 2010.

The resort was developed by Dr. Murray "Murf" Klauber in the late 1960's. Under his team’s leadership The Colony hosted more than a million guests and the resort became world-renowned for extraordinary service, its spectacular location and the warm hospitality of the Klauber family and their employees.

The Klauber family is enormously proud of the reputation The Colony has earned during their stewardship. The Colony's venerable history includes being recognized as one of the first and finest tennis resorts in the world, serving as the chosen destination for millions of guests, U. S. Presidents and other dignitaries from here and nations around the world, elite athletes, film and television celebrities.

The tradition of fine dining in the region can in part be attributed to the Klauber's with their creation of one of Florida's most celebrated restaurants known globally for its highest quality food, warm and attentive service, and award-winning wine collection.

The institution that is The Colony would not be without the caring and loving attention of the extraordinary staff, the loyalty of generations of guests, the generous support of the community, and the passion of the three generations of the Klauber family who are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve all of those who came to enjoy a unique and special place.

Though The Colony has closed, it is hoped that a partnership between the Klauber operating group, the condominium unit owners and outside capital resources can come together and swiftly establish a plan revitalization of the resort, which will allow us all to someday again celebrate the grand destination resort that is The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort!