Cheap Maxi Dresses that won’t break the bank!

Maxi dresses are one of a kind and can fit in any occasion be it a beach party, barbecue, cocktail party or simply a get together. You can find them in stores on and also there are cheap maxi dresses online. You can choose from a variety of dresses. They come in endless number of colors and patterns.

People have a misconception that maxi dresses can only be worn by tall and thin women. Indeed, it’s true that tall women look gorgeous in a striped maxi dress but that does not mean women with different body types cannot pull off this kind of look.

Maxi dresses for all body types

Nowadays, there are so many cheap maxi dresses that are available in the market. Buyers can choose a dress that they like. Our collection carries all sorts of maxi dresses. We are the one of the most reputable and popular name of the brand in beach fashion industry and it is the symbol of pure style and elegance. We have dresses for all body types. Our collection has a maxi dress in almost every color. Maxi dresses come in ample amount of designs and patterns and we have it all. Our buyers are fully satisfied with the quality of our fabric and the prices we put for each cheap maxi dress online.

A maxi dress is basically a long dress usually long, floor length. Its fabric is generally cotton to give that soft and comfortable feel. Maxi dresses are mostly used as summer dresses. They are available in floral patterns or solid prints.

We have cheap maxi dresses for women of all body types, be it short heighted, curvy or plum.

Dresses for Curvy shaped women

Women should not be embarrassed because they are curvy. Don’t think that you cannot fit in the striped maxi dress because you are not skinny. Buy those fit and flare dresses and flaunt your curves. Refrain from wearing skinny dresses that can make you look fat and bring attention to the areas that you don’t really want to show. Maxi dresses are fit for all size women.


For short women

Generally women who have a short height don’t really opt for a maxi dress. But for short heighted women, heels can be the perfect choice. Choose maxi dresses that are short from the front, this will give you a taller look and you will be able to flaunt your footwear also. High waistline maxi dresses are also thumbs up for short women.

So all you women out there, no matter what your body shape is, shop your favorite maxi dresses of highest quality fabrics at low prices and be proud of what you are!


What Are Bandeau Swimsuits


With all the available options as swimsuit season approaches, it can be hard to decide what swimsuit is best for flattering your body. It can be hard to keep track of all the available styles and what the latest trend of the summer may be.

Bandeau swimsuits are attractive and simple tops that can look very sexy on the right body type.

Bandeau literally means bands in French. That should give you an idea of what kind of top we are working with. While the length of the swimsuit varies from one piece, tankini, or bikini top, all types involve a band that goes across the chest, sometimes straight across and sometimes with shaped cups in order to better flatter the bust line.

Strictly speaking, bandeau swimsuits should be entirely strapless, but some tops that fall under this category do have a small string strap, usually in halter top fashion. This is generally just for appearances, as the main support comes from the cups of the top.

On a bikini, the bandeau is a very exposed and sexy top. In most cases it leaves the shoulders entirely bare and may show a fair amount of cleavage. It takes confidence in your swimsuit ready body to be able to wear this type of bikini comfortably, but if you can make it work for you, it is a very attractive and enticing look.

The bandeau tankini is good for women who are looking for something that is a little more modest or conceals the stomach area a little more. This style of suit allows women to show off sexy and tones shoulders and an attractive bust without having to worry about how many sit ups they’ve done that week.

The bandeau one piece is another interesting choice. This type of suit is best for women looking for something a little more modest and covering, but who still want to show off a great figure. The one piece suit will show off the lines of her body without actually revealing skin while the bandeau top cuts low and gives the suit that hint of sexiness that is often missing in one piece suits.

Whatever style of top you choose, bandeau swimsuits are worth looking at. It is a great way to show off your beach body this summer in an outfit that everyone will be talking about.


Who Should Wear Bandeau Swimsuits?

Bandeau Swimsuits are not for everyone, nor for every occasion. While a bandeau swimsuit is a very attractive look on many women, there are a few things the smart swimsuit shopper should keep in mind before making her decision.

The first thing to note is that, while attractive, the bandeau top does not offer much support. This means it may not be right for you if you are planning on engaging in much physical activity, including jogging, volleyball, and possibly even swimming. If you are at the pool or the beach in your bandeau and don’t want to be left out of the physical activity, be sure to check that your suit is snug first to prevent any embarrassing incidents.

Women who have larger than a B cup may also want to avoid this style. While it is flashy and compliments cleavage, these suits traditionally have no underwire and therefore do not offer much support. Women with a larger breast size may feel uncomfortable and considerably less supported than they may have wished with a bandeau and may want to consider a halter top style instead.

Bandeau swimsuits are excellent for women with smaller chest sizes, as they emphasize the chest and make it appear more prominent. Those who are particularly flat chested should avoid the straight banded bandeau suits in favor of a more shaped style. A broach-style pin or a ring in between the cups can draw greater attention and be even more flattering in this style of suit.

Bandeau suits are also great for sunbathing. We have all experienced the difficulties of odd tan lines with other bathing suits. Since there are traditionally no straps on a bandeau top, you are left with no awkward lines after a day at the beach. Whether you were there specifically to work on your tan or just happened to get one after your day out, you will feel much more comfortable and look great in your other clothes with a bandeau tan line. If you wear many low cut shirts, you may also want to make sure your bandeau top is low enough to properly tan the area.

Southwest Florida’s Fort Myers Beach is a bride to be’s ultimate wedding Dream

There is love, plenty of warmth, and a great for location for that casual, but fun wedding! As a bride to be, wouldn’t you love to have the warm Gulf waters of deep for your wedding day backdrop? An added plus is that you can soak in the sunlight, joined by loved ones and friends.


You might want to come dressed in wedding attire for your casual beach wedding because there are few places to change near the beach. However, you can always book a room at the Lani Kai Beachfront, near the 7.5-mile-long beach in what has been named Budget Travel’s 7th coolest small town in America!


A day to remember with sand, sun, and a ceremony on the beach


On the beach, the sun will heat up the sand and water quickly, so it is best to opt for an early morning wedding. You can feel the cool sand under your feet and it is acceptable to not wear shoes if you do not want to. Don’t forget your sunscreen on your wedding day! It is a must for any bride-to-be. On my wedding day, I bought a sunscreen with a SPF of 45. More ultraviolet rays get through on a sunny Florida day.


The weather was perfect in May, with a slight breeze. Guests would not have to sit too long in the sweltering heat. Heat is one reason for an early beach wedding. Another better reason to have my wedding earlier in the day was simply space. The population in a quiet town of 6,000-plus can swell to more than that when city-bound Fort Myer residents and tourists come to the beach. Tourists come year-around because the beach is nice to visit, even in December. A record 1.8 million people come to the beach every year and I did not want to have 5,00 or more of unwanted guests. I couldn’t afford to have that many complimentary flip-flops, Belgian waffles, coffee and juice options for record numbers of uninvited guests. What bride-to-be wants her wedding ruined by beach goers in every frame of her wedding album photos?


Magical moment saying ‘I dos’ and swimming in the warm water afterwards


We got to say our ‘I dos’ with the waves crashing nearby. The blue water looking so inviting. I could feel the sand swish under my feet. The only thing I really watched for was stepping on a sand crab or jellyfish in the water, after the ceremony. The wedding coordinator we hired made sure the white columns were adorned with our wedding colors – gold and the softest pink. A bride-to-be wants her bridesmaids to look magical in sundresses made of the pink, wide stripe and then line of gold. The groomsmen wore black suits and pants, with gold ties. A Florida dream wedding for any bride-to-be.


We rented padded chairs from the Lani Kai, where we stayed. The guests were given complimentary sunglasses and sunscreen. The moment we were announced as Mr. and Mrs. was perfect. I only had my sisters as bridesmaids. We were so excited that we couldn’t wait to enjoy the beach afterwards.  There is no undertow or shallow water at this cool beach, so we knew it was a safe place for our guests to enjoy most of the day afterwards. We did not have to pay the high costs associated with a reception hall, so we saved a great deal on our wed ding costs! We decided after a swim, we would treat guests to a Sunrise boat ride up the bay! It was the end to the perfect day.


Planning a southern Florida beach wedding has its benefits

If you are planning a beach wedding, you may receive some unexpected, but welcome benefits. It is sunny in southern Florida, so you can count on nice weather most of the time – except during rainy season (late May to early September). A beach wedding is fun for brides and grooms and guests because it is casual and you do not need tuxedos with tails. You can save some on the rental bill, but it does not mean casual wedding needs less planning if you do-it-yourself wedding.

Here are some of the best spots for a Florida Beach wedding

Lover’s Key – Lover’s Key State Park, near Fort Myers beach provides lovers privacy. It is only 2.5 miles long; it is perfect for beach combing and bird watching. Wedding guests attending a Fort Myers beach wedding can enjoy the waters and they can take advantage of the waterways near Lover’s Key – where manatees are spotted.

Siesta Key – Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota, Florida offers couples the perfect wedding on the beach and honeymoon spot, all in one. Couples can stay in one of the rental cottages and be minutes from this sandy, white beach. There is also kayak and catamaran rentals, so wedding guests can have fun in the sun and the water – without getting wet!

Clearwater Beach – Easily voted as one of Florida’s best beaches. Its white sand and clearest waters make for some of the best wedding photos. There are also a number of things for wedding guests to enjoy on the beach outside Clearwater, Fla. Guests can take advantage of beach volleyball, sunbathing, and taking a dolphin-watching cruise. Couples who want to add spice to their union can try the parasailing.


Best ways to leave ‘be’ in beach wedding and have Fun

It is romantic and it can be exotic – a beach wedding. But, it does not necessarily mean you can skimp on plans for your outdoor ceremony. It may be casual, but a beach wedding may require just as much work as a formal wedding. However, you do not have to sweat the details. It is possible to have the perfect beach wedding – whether you marry in Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico, or you opt for the smooth sand of a beach in Naples, Fla.

Why not plan a beach wedding in the off-season? Opt to have your beach wedding on the Fort Myers beach in early August or late July. You may save money when you work with certain vendors and you can have that fun beach wedding theme you want.

Celebrate and offer a beach wedding for all!

Keep your guests in mind. For guests with disabilities, it may be hard for them to attend a beach wedding – especially if they use a wheelchair. Opt for a beach that allows some handicapped access. This way, all your guests can enjoy your wedding ceremony and help you celebrate in style.

Have an alternate plan in case inclement weather may try to upstage your special moment in the sun. For example, opt for an alternative – such as the Colonial Country Club in Fort Myers or Mercury Hall or the Alan House in Austin, Texas. It is possible to have a beautiful wedding, whether you are on the beach or not – the weather cannot change wedding plans for two people in love!

Do it yourself, if you want to make your beach wedding a success. It saves you money on your beach wedding and you can still afford the wedding of your dreams – on a beach of sand and warm water!

Under New Management

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